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Company Profile

 SKYASTAR TECHNOLOGIES CORP. focuses on thedevelopment of RF over fiber(RoF) transmitter and receiver, microwave signalgenerator, 28Gbps Bit Error Rratio Tester(BERT), wideband mirowave module etc.

 SKYASTAR headquarters in aviation industry parkin Zhuhai, China and sets up R&D center in Guangzhou,China     

 SKYASTAR team has more than 10 years ofMicrowave, Ooptoelectronics, Software and Antenna technology research anddevelopment experiences, and the performance, reliability of most of productsreach the first-class level of the industry.

 SKYASTAR products are widely used in CATV, nextgeneration wireless communications, test, global positioning systems and otherfields.


Company core values

People oriented, pursuit of excellence, harmony and win together!

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